The mission of the Idaho Heritage Barns Register is to
recognize Idahoʼs agricultural heritage and document Idahoʼs barns and agricultural buildings. 

Historic barns are ever-present visual reminders of the importance of agriculture in our stateʼs history and economy. They stand on the landscape as a testament to the Idaho ideals of hard work, productivity,​ and connection to the land.  The core of the Barns Register is to voluntarily document and preserve information about these 

agricultural buildings, throughout Idaho.

Land use development and the deterioration through time of many unused barns increases the importance of this task. A protocol and form for use statewide ensures consistent and complete information will be documented, resulting in a statewide Idaho Heritage Barns Register.

The register will be archived by Preservation Idaho, a statewide, non-profit  preservation​ organization.

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